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zig ziglar The Zig Ziglar Marriage Experiment
I heard on the news that yesterday Zig Ziglar passed away. For those who don’t know who he was, Zig was an amazing motivational speaker and writer. While he’s most often thought of as being a motivator of salespeople, during this story they played a snippet of one of his talks that seemed very appropriate for my readers.

Zig said that years ago he was giving a seminar in Birmingham and was approached by one of the participants for advice. This woman said that she was in a dead-end job full of people who constantly made her workplace miserable. She wanted Mr. Ziglar’s help on finding a better job or career.

Zig told her to take out a piece of paper and start writing down, line by line, all the things she liked about her current job. She say there wasn’t a single thing. Zig said, “you mean to tell me that there isn’t one single thing you like about your job?” She said again that there wasn’t one thing. Read the rest of this entry

18 year old self 3 Pieces of Advice Id Give my 18 Year Old Self if I Could
What if…

Last Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the mall to do a little shopping. The crowd was light since it was a beautiful day during the off season.

I wasn’t in any real hurry, so I just walked the mall, stopping by stores that looked interesting.

There were moments when it felt as if I had the whole mall to myself. As I was lost in my own thoughts, three teenage girls burst out of Spencer’s Gifts, laughing loudly.

They looked like they were dressed for some kind of retro party. They had big hair, bold makeup and clothes that looked like the early days of MTV.

I guess I was staring. One of the girls stood out from the others. She had HUGE bleach-blonde hair and these jeans with holes all over. There was something very familiar with the way she was carefully trying to be seen but make it seem as if she wasn’t trying. As she turned towards me and caught my bewildered stare, I realized why she looked so familiar.

It was me. At eighteen. Read the rest of this entry

passion How to Get all the Sex You Want (or How to Want All You Get)
I once read about a marriage counselor who gives each partner a questionnaire before he starts their first session. One part of the survey asks about the frequency of sex in their marriage.

How often do you and your spouse have sex (circle one)?

All the time – Frequently – Average – Occasionally – Almost never – Never

How many times per week? __________________

Frequently a husband will circle “almost never,” the wife will circle “all the time,” and both will answer “2 times per week.”

Why is there often such a big gap in expectations between partners? Why are these expectations so frequently unfulfilled? What can you do about it? Read the rest of this entry

having an affair Im having an affair and I dont know what to do...
Yesterday a reader sent me an email with the following question: ”I’m having an affair and I love my girlfriend, but I don’t want to abandon my family. What should I do?

OK, time to step back from my emotions and try to answer this question from an objective perspective.

If you’re having an affair, you really have three choices. None of these choices is good. Unfortunately, you’ve already made a monumental bad choice, and there will be consequences for that choice. However, I’ll try to detail the three different paths below. Read the rest of this entry

is it ok to snoop on your spouse When is it OK to Snoop on Your Spouse?
I see this all the time.

One partner begins looking into their spouse’s behavior, and they are accused of being controlling or that they don’t trust their partner. Sometimes this might be true. There are other times when it’s not only OK to dig a bit, but it’s critical for the survival of your marriage.

How do you know when to dig and when to give your spouse space? Read the rest of this entry

husband seems distant My Husband Seems Distant. What Does This Mean?
For years, everything has seemed OK in your marriage. Sure, you’ve had a few issues, but nothing out of the ordinary. Your marriage is pretty normal.

Suddenly your husband seems distant

However, you sense a sudden change. You think, “my husband seems distant.” Without any real reason you can see, your husband seems emotionally distant. When you’re together, it’s almost as if he’s not “into” the moment. He seems closed-off and won’t talk about anything important. Read the rest of this entry

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