husband seems distant My Husband Seems Distant. What Does This Mean?
For years, everything has seemed OK in your marriage. Sure, you’ve had a few issues, but nothing out of the ordinary. Your marriage is pretty normal.

Suddenly your husband seems distant

However, you sense a sudden change. You think, “my husband seems distant.” Without any real reason you can see, your husband seems emotionally distant. When you’re together, it’s almost as if he’s not “into” the moment. He seems closed-off and won’t talk about anything important.

If you question him about this change, he might get defensive. He might say that nothing is wrong. But still, you sense that your husband seems distant. Things just don’t seem the same between you as they once did.

If your husband seems distant, there are a few possible reasons. It’s important to look deeper into the cause so that you can try to resolve whatever is causing this emotional distance.

Your husband seems distant after an argument

If you’ve recently had a huge argument and he is still holding onto resentment (or if you are), it could be that your husband seems distant because he’s in self-protection mode. Sometimes in conflict, our reaction is to withdraw. If you sense that this is the case, you should focus on resolving the conflict so that it doesn’t escalate. If he’s withdrawn because because of your reaction to the issue, try to deal with the problem in a patient manner, trying to find a compromise if possible.

Your husband seems distant because of outside problems

If your husband is dealing with issues at work, it could lead to him shutting down somewhat at home. The same thing could occur with someone who’s dealing with personal crisis, such as the death or serious illness of a loved one or close friend. Depression can sometimes lead to emotional withdrawal, too. If your husband seems distant when dealing with large outside influences, try to be understanding and most of all, supportive. He would (or should) do the same for you.

Maybe there’s no visible explanation…

If your husband seems distant and “checked out” of the marriage, and neither of the above situations apply, it could be that there’s something else going on.

Sometimes a husband seems distant and emotionally disconnected with his wife when he starts becoming emotionally connected with someone else. This could be a very early warning sign of an emotional affair, and it should be addressed as quickly as possible.

For more specifics on what exactly to look for if your husband is distant without any real explanation and what to do next, download my free report below. It may help you stop a potential problem before it becomes more serious.



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