Will my trial marriage separation end in divorce? Yes, it will! Once you’ve reached the stage where you think the only thing to do is separate, you are almost certainly on the road of no return. Resolving problems before you get to that stage gives you a better chance of avoiding divorce.

If the marriage has, in your eyes become impossible, what makes you think that by walking away from it, albeit temporarily, it’s going to sort out the problem?

After having gone through a series of arguments and intolerable behavior, being on your own and living the single life can seem quite wonderful. However, what you’re not doing is facing up to what caused the problems and trying to resolve them.

The longer you’re away from each other, the less likely it is that you’ll get back together and try to save the marriage.

Marriage separation means you are prepared to live alone without your partner, and once this decision is made whatever caused the breakup in the first place will become less important to you and your partner, and you’ll drift apart.

It’s always best to try to solve a problem together and to realize that both of you are probably contributing to whatever difficulties you’re experiencing. If you loved one another once the chances are that love is still there but has been lost in everyday trials and tribulations.

Look back on what brought you together in the first place and try to recreate that in your lives before you decide to part. Once apart the chances of being able to do this become less and less.

Don’t pressurize each other, let things take their time, and try to be less aggressive and more understanding with each other. Even on points which you may feel quite strongly about, it’s sometimes best to agree and let it go. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you feel the relationship is worth more than any specific issue.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make someone feel good about themselves by subtly letting them think they’ve made a right decision or solved a problem. Even if you’ve really been instrumental in the end result it can work wonders with any relationship if you let your partner have that moment of glory instead.

None of this can be achieved if you’re living apart, and what you once had together will be lost forever.

Sometimes a counselor can help you to realize the potential in your marriage and this is certainly one way to go if you feel you cannot work it out together. In the end though, the solution is in both your hands.

Look at the problems in an objective manner, write them down, and then try to see if they can be resolved by working together. Give it time before making the final decision especially if there are children involved, as this will affect them adversely also.

Will my trial separation cause my marriage to end in divorce? The odds are against you if you choose to separate.

If your spouse is pressuring you to separate or if you are considering it yourself, NOW is the best time to try to start working things out. I highly recommend the book, Save the Marriage. It’s a great step-by-step plan for reconnecting and rebuilding a troubled marriage. It even gives advice for repairing a marriage after separation, but also says that your chances are considerably higher if your avoid separation – even if you just “separate” in the same house. I highly recommend that you consider this book before giving up on your marriage. Click here to read more about it…

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