Are you having this weird feeling that every day you wake up you seem to be in marriage hell fighting to save a marriage instead of being in married bliss? While most people say that this usually occurs when you have been in the marriage for far too long making things less romantic and more of a bore, there really is no specific time frame for married couples to just start bickering – signaling the end of the honeymoon period.

Sure, a fight is just a normal thing among couples, in fact, it does happen even to the best of the lot out there but what it your fights with your mate start to become more of an everyday thing? Worse, what if your fights seem to be all about the same issues – wherein nothing seems to be resolved?

It can certainly get frustrating and while some people are so quick to say that they’re ‘out’ and just can’t take all the fighting anymore, don’t you feel that your relationship still deserves a shot at getting better in order to save a marriage? Sure it might take some work, actually, a lot of work but that’s what marriage is all about – two people making a relationship work in spite of the odds.

So before you hoard all those self-help books on how to save a marriage or get into relationship therapy, read on first to find out the right ways to save a marriage from going into a downward spiral.

Save a marriage with good communication

Listen to your partner – one of the most common mistakes that couples end up doing is that when they start to bicker, no one seems to be willing to talk things out and basically hear out each other’s side. This selfishness usually is the root of most marital problems while yes infidelity, and other problems may occur, if you are truly willing to work things out with your partner then all you really need to do is listen – and try your best to understand. If you still love your spouse and you still truly care about your marriage, you will make the effort to try to understand and forgive him or her for the wrongs that he or she has done. Likewise, if you are the one who is at fault, you must sincerely try to make an effort to earn back your spouse’s trust and respect. Remember, forgiving and forgetting is not really just a one-way process.

Refrain from keeping secrets from each other – now that all has been forgiven, you can’t really expect things to just go back to normal in spite of how understanding and loving your spouse may be, you constantly need to show him or her that you are truly deserving of all the love and trust that he or she has so generously given to you in spite of your flaws. And in case you are the one who has been hurt in the relationship, do not forget to do the right thing and give your spouse not just understanding but patience as well if he or she is already trying to show his or remorse about what has happened. If you keep dwelling on all the bad things then how do you expect that the two of you will be able to move on truly be able to save a marriage that is close to falling apart?

If you’re tired of feeling like you are the only one who wants to work on your marriage and that good communication isn’t really a priority for your spouse, you need a good guide. I highly recommend Save the Marriage. It’s a great guide even when only one person is making an effort. It will show you the things you can do that will pull your spouse into the process so that you’re not the only one trying to save a marriage.

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