Some women are lucky enough never to have to ask the question, “how do I know if my husband still loves me?” However, there are many men who find it difficult to express their feelings in words and this can lead to his partner feeling unsure of his love for her.

As time goes by in a marriage, a man often doesn’t think it necessary to tell his wife how much he loves her. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s lost interest, it’s just that men think it unnecessary to keep reassuring their spouse how much they mean to them.

Women generally are far more outgoing in expressing themselves and can’t understand why men aren’t the same, but men are generally far more reserved.

By taking care of his family and providing for them, a man is showing his love for them in the best way he can. He may not necessarily always say what you want to hear, but he will show it in the things he does for you and the children and in little gestures of affection.

If he still wants to be with you and do things together then he obviously still has the love for you or he would make excuses and not be around so much.

If you feel you’re losing his affection then try to understand what’s causing him to be distracted and do something about it. He may be preoccupied with problems at work, in which case it helps to have someone to talk it over with.

Don’t forget to greet him when he comes home with enthusiasm and a smile. How nice to open the door to a warm welcome rather than a tired and grumpy one. If you want to keep your husband’s love you have to make the home a haven at the end of the day for both of you. A happy atmosphere makes so much difference to your soul, and helps you to overcome so many things in life.

Love grows and deepens when you share things together and respect each other’s need for space. Marriage doesn’t mean you have to be in each other’s pockets all the time. Different activities and interests keep a marriage alive and make it grow.

Realizing when your husband is worried or unhappy means you care about him, and the same applies in reverse. If your husband doesn’t see when you’re unwell or feeling tired, then something is missing in your relationship and it’s time to rectify it.

Don’t take him for granted, but don’t become part of the furniture in his life either. Love has to be fed or it will die and if you are endeavouring to keep the marriage harmonious then his love will continue to thrive. You will see this in the way he looks at you, and in the things he does for you.

Unfortunately, when it starts feeling like your husband is distant, it can be hard to find ways to connect. What makes it worse is when you start questioning your own feelings towards him, too. How do you know if he still loves you? Sometimes you have to take your relationship back to its beginnings. Begin working on rebuilding a friendship and the love will soon blossom again.

In the book, Save the Marriage, Dr. Baucom talks about exactly these things. He gives some great advice on what to do to start rebuilding your marriage from its foundations without doing anything that could cause the rifts in your marriage to grow. If you feel like things just keep getting worse, I highly recommend this book as a way for you to start finding traction.

At likely less than the cost of a single session with a marriage counselor, this book can replace months of sessions. He also sends a quick-start-guide so you can hit the ground running, as well as guides that will teach you how to “fight” the right way and a guide of the things not to do. With all he includes, it’s really a bargain.

I’ve looked at dozens of resources, and Dr. Baucom’s is the only one I recommend. Click here for more information…


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