Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling

Summary: Though divorce counseling is aimed at taking the marriage apart, it breaks the marriage apart with care

When a couple wants to get a divorce, it is strongly recommended to have divorce counseling. Especially those divorces that have hurt, anger, bitterness and spite thrown in the brew, divorce counseling helps keep the heat down.

Take not however that divorce counseling is aimed in taking the marriage apart, not the opposite. What is does is advice the divorcing couple about responsibilities that are still to be met, and how to deal with the emotions involved when divorce takes place.

The opposite for divorce counseling is marriage counseling. And it does what the name suggests, it counsels on how to keep the marriage intact.

Divorce counseling is very helpful on any types of divorce. As an overseer, it manages those minute details that are usually ignored. Profound feelings sometimes affect fair judgment; by being an intermediary between two parties, divorce counseling can deliver forthright recommendations without being predisposed to one party. Divorce counseling is also recommended highly for those in pain. Talking is one of the effective ways to heal an inner wound, and divorce counselors are great listeners, they spend time to listen out every story and every wound without promoting those ill feelings.

There was a divorce account once that got so out of hand that after a year and a half in divorce, a couple still couldn’t find peace. They still argue over things that have long been decided. As to whether the property was appropriately distributed to family heirlooms and even pets. Such case did happen many times; couples that still haven’t set foot outside the divorce arena to start anew.

Obviously, the roots of such cases are within. The heirloom and pets are just tangible targets. In the end, the couple did have to firm up all the grievances. And it shows that they still want to interact with each other. Cases like these are common on elderly divorces where they lived the majority of their lives with each other that in the end though they need a divorce they still need each other.

Divorce counseling is very vital, just as marriage counseling is vital to save a failing marriage. Here are some specialists that offer divorce counseling services.

Dr. Reena Sommer & Associates

Dr. Reena Sommer is an author of several extensively written articles on family violence, addiction issues and codependency. As she progressed on her career, she began to have interest in divergent relationships that led her toward becoming an expert in divorce counseling.

Four Seasons Healing

Probably the best counseling has to go together with an escape, a solitary place to think everything over. That’s why Dr. Israel Helfand and Cathie Helfand, the facilitators of Four Seasons Healing Retreat Center, have successfully provided divorcing couples a chance and a place to think things over. Four Seasons Healing is the best way to rediscover everything about marriage or divorce.

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